Diabetes and you ❯ Food and Activity

Food and Activity

Choosing healthy foods and being active is the foundation for better glucose control
Everybody benefits from regular exercise. If you have diabetes, or are at risk of diabetes it plays an important role in keeping you healthy.
What exercise can I do?
You can do anything that gets you moving. Here are some suggestions for you to discuss with your doctor:
  • Walking
  • Swimming
  • Cycling/ exercise bike
  • Dancing
  • Water aerobics
  • Pushups, dumbells
  • Muscle strengthening exercise

Increasing your general physical activity is also helpful, e.g. taking the stairs instead of the lift, getting up to change the TV station instead of using the remote control, housework, and gardening.

Amount of exercise: For good health, you should be doing about 30 minutes of exercise at least 5 days per week. (For obese at least 60 min of exercise per day)
Reduce sedentary time – break up extended amounts of time spent sitting (90 min)

Healthy Eating
Healthy eating plays a key role in prevention and management of diabetes and weight maintenance.
Tips for healthy eating
  • Take three healthy meals at regular intervals. Add snacks in mid-morning and mid-afternoon (eg:1 fruit serving, 1 cup of non-fat milk). Do not miss your meals.
  • Portion control is essential (eg: Rice 2cups/ Bread 2slices)
  • Add more vegetables to your diet
  • Limit sugars and sweets (sugar, juggary, candies, jam, desserts)
  • Limit fatty foods, salt
  • Alcohol intake should be in moderation (No more than one drink/d for adult women and no more than two drinks/d for adult men)
Healthy Recipies


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