Know your Diabetes ❯ Myths and facts

Myths and facts

Beware. You can get lost with the myths. Know the facts.
Myth 1 -
I’m thin build. I have no risk for Diabetes
Obesity, definitely increases the risk of Diabetes. But especially, we, Asians can get Diabetes despite our body weight. In addition majority of Type 1 Diabetics are thin build.
Myth 2 -
No one in my family has diabetes. There is no way that I can get Diabetes.
Family history is only one risk factor for Diabetes. Not having a family history does not mean that you are safe.
Myth 3 -
People who eat excess of sugar get Diabetes
Unhealthy eating habits increase the risk of Diabetes. But eating sugar is not the sole cause for Diabetes.
Myth 4 -
I don’t feel any problems. So I can’t have Diabetes. No need to check for it.
Many Diabetics display no symptoms till they develop complications of Diabetes. So screening is important even you don’t have symptoms.
Myth 5 -
Drugs given for Diabetes(Metformin) can lead to kidney failure. So I should avoid it.
Metformin is the best proven drug for management of Diabetes. It will never cause kidney failure, but will protect kidneys. Patients who have developed kidney disease due to Diabetes might need alterations in metformin dose.
Myth 6 -
I’m having type 2 Diabetes. I will never need insulin.
Type 2 diabetes is due to impaired action of insulin. But with time pancreas can fail to produce insulin. So in latter stage you might need insulin.


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